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Ethereum Wallet Ðapp

The Ethereum wallet.

Build Status

PLEASE NOTE: This wallet is not yet officially released, and can contain severe bugs! Please use at your own risk.


If you don't have Meteor:

$ curl | sh

Install npm dependencies:

$ cd meteor-dapp-wallet/app
$ npm install


Start a geth node:

$ geth --ws --wsorigins "http://localhost:3000" --unlock <your account>

Run dev server:

$ cd meteor-dapp-wallet/app
$ meteor

Navigate to http://localhost:3000


To create a build:

$ npm install -g meteor-build-client
$ cd meteor-dapp-wallet/app
$ npm install
$ meteor-build-client ../build --path ""

This will generate the files in the ../build folder.

Navigating to index.html will start the app, but you will need to serve it over a local server like MAMP.

To deploy to the site, execute these commands:

$ git checkout gh-pages
$ git merge develop
$ cd app
$ meteor-build-client ../build --path "/"

And push (or PR) your changes to the gh-pages branch.

Gas usage statistics

  • Deploy original wallet: 1 230 162
  • Deploy wallet stub: 184 280
  • Simple Wallet transaction: 64 280
  • Multisig Wallet transaction below daily limit: 79 280
  • Multisig Wallet transaction above daily limit: 171 096
  • 1 Multisig confirmation: 48 363