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Note: The project has been moved to the new repo

Quick Start

A container with the dependencies set up and the blockchain snapshot installed can be found here.

To open the container, install docker and run:

docker pull hrishioa/oyente && docker run -i -t hrishioa/oyente

To evaluate the greeter contract inside the container, run:

cd /home/oyente/oyente && source ../dependencies/venv/bin/activate && python greeter.sol

and you are done!


  1. solc and disasm from go-ethereum
  2. z3 Theorem Prover

Evaluating Ethereum Contracts

python <contract filename>

And that's it! Run python --help for a list of options.


The accompanying paper explaining the bugs detected by the tool can be found here.

Miscellaneous Utilities

A collection of the utilities that were developed for the paper are in misc_utils. Use them at your own risk - they have mostly been disposable.

  1. - Contains a number of functions to get statistics from contracts.
  2. - The get_contract_code function can be used to retrieve contract source from EtherScan
  3. - Contains functions to retrieve up-to-date transaction information for a particular contract.


Note: This is an improved version of the tool used for the paper. Benchmarks are not for direct comparison.

To run the benchmarks, it is best to use the docker container as it includes the blockchain snapshot necessary. In the container, run after activating the virtualenv. Results are in results.json once the benchmark completes.

The benchmarks take a long time and a lot of RAM in any but the largest of clusters, beware.

Some analytics regarding the number of contracts tested, number of contracts analysed etc. is collected when running this benchmark.

Known Issues

If you encounter the unhashable instance error, please add the following to your class AstRef(Z3PPObject): in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/

def __hash__(self):
        return self.hash()

The latest version of Z3 does support this, but some previous version does not.


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