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@rolong rolong released this Aug 30, 2018 · 46 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

For EtherZero Geth v2.0.3, it contains the NTP time drift detection and adjusting via the SNTP protocol, lower the risks that may cause failure when generating new blocks for masternode, make the Etherzero Network more stable and effective.

How To Upgrade

1, Upgrade Your Codes

cd ~/go-etherzero && git pull && cd -

2, Compile Your Codes

cd ~/go-etherzero && make && cd -

3, Reboot Geth Procedure

3.1 Kill old procedure

ps aux  | grep geth


ps aux  | grep geth  | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs  kill

3.2 Make sure old procedure not exist

ps aux  | grep geth  | grep -v grep


3.3 Reboot your geth procedure

  • 'your address' should be a real address existed in Etherzero
  • This is only for mastenode ,if you are not masternode,there is no need to setting up '--etherbase' and '--masternode'
nohup ~/go-etherzero/build/bin/geth --maxpeers 100 --syncmode full --masternode    --etherbase "your address'"  >> output.log 2>&1 &
~/go-etherzero/build/bin/geth attach  --exec "miner.start()"

How to Verify Whether Upgrade Success Or Not

~/go-etherzero/build/bin/geth attach --exec "web3.version.node"


  • v2.0.3 is the latest version code.
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