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ETJump Mapping Assets

This repository has all ETJump mapping scripts and files you need to start mapping for ETJump mod.

What is ETJump

ETJump is a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory trickjump modification.

ETJump documentation

All avaible ETJump cvar and mapping entity descriptions can be found in ETJump documentation.

How to install

  • Download repository as a zip file
  • Extract archive in your etmain folder of your mapping directory
  • Add lightblock to your shaderlist.txt

Extra assets

Some useful assets that present in originals maps, but not inlcuded in radiant installation, can be found in this repository.

Missing assets

There are few missing assets linked to some entities. These can be found in either Radiant install folder or in RTCW.

  • alarm_box

    • models/mapobjects/electronics/alarmbox.mdc
    • sound/world/alarmswitch.wav
  • props_chair_chat

    • models/furniture/chair/chair_chat.mdc
    • models/mapobjects/vehicles/sherman_s.tga
  • props_chair_chatarm

    • models/furniture/chair/chair_chatarm.mdc
    • models/mapobjects/vehicles/sherman_s.tga
  • props_flamebarrel

    • models/furniture/barrel/barrel_b.mdc
    • models/furniture/barrel/barrel_c.mdc
    • models/furniture/barrel/barrel_d.mdc
    • models/furniture/barrel/barrel_m01g.jpg