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Version 1906 of Nawito Chess Engine
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Nawito1906 - Chess engine by Ernesto Torres. Cuba.

Engine version: 1906 Release date: 15-06-2019 Available versions: Windows/Linux of 32 bits Communication protocol: Winboard ELO estimated: ± 2600. License: GPL Autor email:


  1. General description.

  2. Future plans.

  3. Content.

  4. Performance.

  5. Known problems.

  6. Features.

  7. License.

  8. Credits.

  9. GENERAL DESCRIPTION ===============================================================================================

Nawito1906 is a free Cuban chess engine derived from Danasah5.07 compatible with the protocol Winboard. To get the most out of it, it should be used under a GUI (graphical user interface) like Sand (Linux / Windows), Winboard (Windows), Pychess (Linux / Windows), SCID (Linux / Windows).

Its author, Ernesto Torres, has been based on the search function of the Danasah engine and inspired in other engines like TSCP, CPW, Rebel, etc. para desarrollar ideas propias y dotarlo de un estilo particular.

It is written in C and CodeBlocks are used with GNU GCC, for its compilation, both for Windows as for Linux.

This engine uses its own scheme of opening books, experimenting with the metaheuristics Ant Colony Algorithm for your learning. It is very likely that this scheme will undergo changes in the future while it is perfected.

Please report any ideas, suggestions or errors about the engine.

  1. FUTURE PLANS ===============================================================================================
  • Correction of errors with some endings supported.
  • Correction of error with Aspiration window.
  • Support for other endings.
  • Improve the mobility of pieces and simplifications.
  • Improve time control.
  • Minor optimizations related to the search.
  • Improvements and optimizations related to book learning.
  • Implementation of the ecm98.epd test.
  1. CONTENT ===============================================================================================
  • Nawito1906 -> Engine for Linux.
  • Nawito1906.exe -> Engine for Windows.
  • leeme.txt -> Spanish translation of this file.
  • readme.txt -> This file.
  • Nawito1906.ini -> Engine configuration.
  • Nawito1906.epd -> Positions to perform the STS test.
  • Nawito1906.sts -> Score of each position of the file Nawito 1812.epd.
  • WhiteAnt1906.nbk, BlackAnt1906.nbk, Nawito1812MainBook.nbk, Nawito1812WhiteBook.nbk, Nawito1812BlackBook.nbk, -> Opening books for the chess engine.
  • logo.jpg -> Logo del programa.
  1. PERFORMANCE ===============================================================================================

--perft -> Command to discover faults or measure move generator speed from the position: r3k2r/p1ppqpb1/bn2pnp1/3PN3/1p2P3/2N2Q1p/PPPBBPPP/R3K2R w KQkq - ; to the depth (by default 5). --bench -> Command to check the relative speed of the computer with respect to another. Solve mate in 7 from the position: r3rk2/ppq2pbQ/2p1b1p1/4p1B1/2P3P1/3P1B2/P3PPK1/1R5R w - - 0 1 ; --STS -> Command to execute the Strategic Test Suite (STS) from the topic to the topic . --STStheme -> Command to show the result of the Strategic Test Suite (STS) from the topic to the topic .

  1. KNOWN PROBLEMS. ===============================================================================================

Please report any errors about the engine.

  • Problems with the configuration of wb2uci to play under the interface of Fritz or Chessbase.
  1. FEATURES ===============================================================================================
  • Protocol -> Xboard.
  • Board representation -> Linear vector of 256 pointers to dynamic piece lists.
  • Generador de movimientos -> Simple.
  • Búsqueda -> Aspiration window -> Iterative depth. -> PVS/Alpha-Beta. -> Quiescence.
  • Reducciones/Podas -> Checkmate distance. -> Null moveme. -> Transposition table. -> Futility. -> Razoring. -> Captures. -> Late Move Reductions (LMR).
  • Extensiones -> Check. -> Checkmate threat. -> Pawns end.
  • Ordenación de movimientos -> PV. -> Transposition table. -> Internal iterative deepening(IID). -> MVV/LVA. -> Killer heuristic. -> Historical heuristic.
  • Evaluación -> Material. -> Posición de las piezas en el tablero. -> Material tables. -> Tapered eval. -> Pawns struct. -> Backward pawn. -> Candidate pawns. -> Doubled pawns. -> Isolated pawn. -> Passed pawn. -> Bishop pair. -> Bad bishop. -> Traped bishop. -> Traped knight. -> Outpost knight. -> Knight decreasing value as pawns disappear. -> Rook increasing value as pawns disappear. -> Rook in open o semi-open file abierta. -> Rook in 8th. -> Traped Rook. -> Blocked Rook. -> Rook in 7th. -> King seafty. -> King Casttle. -> King shield. -> Center control -> Endings (KP vs k, KBN vs k, KR vs k, KBB vs K, KRP vs KR, others).
  • Opening Book -> Experimental scheme with learning based on the Colonia de Hormigas algorithm. In the tests carried out with fast games, learning reports a gain of 25 ELO points with a tendency to grow with respect to the traditional learning of the Polyglot scheme.
  • Others -> Detection of the end of the game with the rules of FIDE, including triple repetition and the rule of 50 movements. Tables due to insufficient material (KNN vs k, K vs knn, (KR vs k, K vs kr).
  • Game mode -> Time management (conventional, incremental and fixed time per movement) or fixed depth.
  1. LICENSE ===============================================================================================

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and / or modify it. Under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, be it the version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Watch the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

  1. CREDIT ===============================================================================================

I am very grateful to the following people:

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