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Docker Lemonade

Project for running Lemonade's projects all together

Clone and go into directory

git clone
cd docker-lemonade

Update project dependencies:

git submodule update --init --checkout

Running docker hub available containers

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d --no-build

Wait all services to go up and access http://localhost:23456. To change the listening port, change the docker-compose.yaml file, replace the ports configuration under the citrus service configuration.

Building containers from projects

git submodule update --init --checkout
docker-compose up -d --build

Using swarm

docker stack deploy -c docker-stack.yml lemonade

Using remote spark cluster

Update the following lines in config/juicer-config.yaml with your own data

libprocess_advertise_ip: your.hostname

To allow the connection it is needed to uncomment the lines bellow in docker-compose.yml file

  - '37100-37399:37100-37399'

If you want to use spark envent log edit the following lines in config/juicer-config.yaml

spark.eventLog.enabled: false
spark.eventLog.dir: hdfs://<namenode>:9000/path
spark.history.fs.logDirectory: hdfs://<namenode>:9000/path

Clusters are configured in tables from stand service. A user interface is under progress. If you need to add a cluster configuration, you need to connect to the MySQL service and add a record in cluster table:

% sudo docker-compose exec mysql mysql -u root -plemon stand
mysql> INSERT INTO cluster(id, name, description, enabled, type, address, executor_cores, executor_memory, executors, general_parameters) VALUES (2, 'Spark cluster', 'Spark cluster', 1, 'MESOS', 'mesos://mesos-master:5050', 16, '2GB', 72, 'sparmesos.principal=lemonade,spark.mesos.secret=lemonade,spark.mesos.executor.home=/opt/spspark-2.3.0-bin-hadoop2.7');

The cluster type can be MESOS, SPARK_LOCAL, SPARK or YARN. The address must be a valid Spark master URL. The columns executor_cores, executor_memory and executors define the number of cores, memory and executors. These values are associated to the respective Spark parameters, as well parameters defined in general_parameters. They are well documented in Spark.

Using a HDFS Cluster

A user interface is under progress. If you want to use a HDFS cluster, you need to connect to the MySQL service and add a record in storage table:

% sudo docker-compose exec mysql mysql -u root -plemon limonero
mysql> INSERT INTO storage(id, name, type, url, enabled) VALUES (2, 'HDFS cluster', 'HDFS', 'hdfs://hdfs-server:9000', 1);

The url column must be a valid HDFS URL and the cluster must be accessible from the containers.

Directories in the host machine

By default, Lemonade will create 2 directories in the host machine, under the parent dir /srv:

  • /srv/lemonade/mysql-dev, for the MySql database;
  • /srv/lemonade/storage for HDFS local file system.

You can change these configurations in the docker-compose.yaml file.

DockerHub autobuild containers configuration


UnixHTTPConnectionPool ... Read timed out

Set the following environment variables and run compose up again

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