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dkavanagh and others added some commits Oct 14, 2014
@dkavanagh dkavanagh magic search working prototype. only works for images page ea957f6
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolve conflicts b5d79c1
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'develop' into magic_search 87d6aad
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1373
converted to GUI that looks very close to the VisualSearch bar
@dkavanagh dkavanagh clear search field in some cases 1d9230d
@dkavanagh dkavanagh support tag searches 86b3455
@dkavanagh dkavanagh added comments to javascript 864da25
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'GUI-1151' into magic_search 6e0ca6b
@dkavanagh dkavanagh re-used image-list sass mixin for facet style fa99929
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'develop' into magic_search 9328d04
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1373
tweaked per UX review, allow all facet options to be selected
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1373
tightened up layout
@dkavanagh dkavanagh tweaked columns on table features since search bar is now above 5616bf5
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'develop' into magic_search 52a08cf
@dkavanagh dkavanagh added magic_search in instances, snapshots, volumes, buckets 78106b1
@dkavanagh dkavanagh merged develop d8b6cb6
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolved conflict a1554d8
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolve conflict 8aee08f
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolved conflict a6dca92
@dkavanagh dkavanagh added magic search into remaining landing pages b377e12
@dkavanagh dkavanagh updated iam pages for no-facet search c2f4b3b
@dkavanagh dkavanagh added magic_search to image_picker dadb3bf
@dkavanagh dkavanagh fixed unit tests cf76ad9
@dkavanagh dkavanagh color tweak for wizard usage 425d8b2
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'develop' into magic_search 84f1ba2
@dkavanagh dkavanagh fixed up ipaddrs, keypairs and secgroups pages b368980
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolved conflict bf54435
@dkavanagh dkavanagh work in progress 6614bb8
@dkavanagh dkavanagh lower case matching of facet names e199004
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
fixed several items in list
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
accept tab when 1 facet matches, filter on options as well
@dkavanagh dkavanagh more refinements de9b714
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'develop' into magic_search 49a99ed
@dkavanagh dkavanagh turn off request logging a4c2fb5
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
reload tables without page refresh. fixed another bug or two
@dkavanagh dkavanagh close dropdown when entry doesn't match any facet/option 18d5f50
@dkavanagh dkavanagh visual tweaks and got key listener working on chrome 52799aa
@dkavanagh dkavanagh tightened up spacing at ends of the searchbar e3b183c
@dkavanagh dkavanagh more tweaks. refined how dropdown is shown to be more reliable 5f2ce9b
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolved conflicts fec042b
@dkavanagh dkavanagh fixed a bug with clearing text search now that reload isn't required
@kamalgill kamalgill GUI-1472: CSS tweaks and JS cleanup for magic search bar

@kamalgill With the last commit, I noticed that the click listener that response when someone clicks outside of the input box is broken. This is probably because the listener is on "search-main-area" and now that isn't a fixed width, but only contains the facets and input.
I also notice things aren't as tight as before. Worse on FF than Chrome. I see facets lower and icons higher and the search-bar is taller than it needs to be with a single row. Try on FF to see it more exaggerated.

dkavanagh and others added some commits Jan 8, 2015
@dkavanagh dkavanagh moved click listener to .search-bar so that whole bar responds to click
@kamalgill kamalgill GUI-1472: Remove unnecessary reference to Chosen classes
@dkavanagh dkavanagh remove newly selected facet/value from dropdowns f6468ce
@dkavanagh dkavanagh clear partially selected facet when search bar is cleared f2a6a7f
@dkavanagh dkavanagh ignore keydown events that are meta-keys
@kamalgill kamalgill GUI-1472: More CSS tweaks for magic search bar

The selenium automated test is failing consistently at Volume and IP tests when trying to look up the search filter,

The travis CI test's JavsScript Unittest is also failing as well.

dkavanagh and others added some commits Jan 14, 2015
@dkavanagh dkavanagh resolved conflicts b6f6834
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'magic_search' of into…
… magic_search
@kamalgill kamalgill GUI-1472: Restore placeholder text and expand input area to restore v…
…isibility of free-text entry
@dkavanagh dkavanagh fixed key.metakey ref error
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
fixed tag search
@kyolee310 kyolee310 Add magic_search.js to karma.conf.js to include Magic Search module
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
refactored menu close for better re-use. Fixed some cases where instant search should reset so table shows again
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'master-4.2' into magic_search
@dkavanagh dkavanagh reverted to keypress events for better key handling, chrome still works
@dkavanagh dkavanagh fixed keypair test
@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'master-4.2' into magic_search
@dkavanagh dkavanagh GUI-1472
only show facet menu if no facet is selected yet

Passed the automated test.

dkavanagh and others added some commits Jan 22, 2015
@dkavanagh dkavanagh made template prettier, removed extra space added in css when facets …
@dkavanagh dkavanagh use magic-search from bower
@dkavanagh dkavanagh figured out facet param parsing for magic-search directive
@kyolee310 kyolee310 Adjusted the location of magic_search.js in karma.conf.js
@dkavanagh dkavanagh added i18n for amgic search

@dkavanagh: ms_remove isn't as clear as magicsearch_remove_text, for example

@dkavanagh dkavanagh Merge branch 'master-4.2' into magic_search
@dkavanagh dkavanagh closed this Jan 29, 2015
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