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Metaleuca is a bare-metal provision management system that interacts with open-source software Cobbler via EC2-like CLI.

Using Metaleuca, users can communicate with Cobbler to self-provision a group of bare-metal machines to boot up with new, fresh OS images. The main appeal of Metaleuca is that it allows users to manage the bare-metal machines like EC2's virtual instances via the command-lines that feel much like ec2-tools, or euca2ools.

Open Source Licence

Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.


Introducing Metaleuca

Installation Guide

What are the components of Metaleuca?

Metaleuca Service Layer (Metaleuca SLayer)

Metaleuca Service Layer, a.k.a Metaleuca Slayer, is a lightweight service layer that manages the sequencing of the bare-metal provision operations and maintains the statuses of those systems -- such information is stored in Metaleuca's own database, which is external to Cobbler.


Metaleuca2ools is a set of CLIs that are exposed to users so that they can directly interact with Metaleuca, similar to EC2-tools and euca2ools.


metaleuca-describe-distros - Describe all distros in Cobbler

metaleuca-describe-profiles - Describe all profiles in Cobbler

metaleuca-describe-systems - Describe all systems in Cobbler

metaleuca-set-profile - Set the profile of the selected system

metaleuca-reboot-system - Reboot the selected system

metaleuca-enable-netboot - Enable the netboot of the selected system

metaleuca-disable-netboot - Disable the netboot of the selected system

metaleuca-describe-system-groups - Describe the system groups

metaleuca-reserve-systems - Reserve the selected systems

metaleuca-release-systems - Release the selected systems

metaleuca-run-instances - Initate the provision sequence

metaleuca-describe-instances - Describe the statuses of the provisioned systems

metaleuca-terminate-instances - Terminated the provisioned systems, returning them back to the resource pool


var - Stores the configuration files


Need to be able to run instances using IPs -- DONE 090312

Need a way to handle reboot and identify reboot has taken place

Need a way to keep status of running instances

Need a DB to track the status rather than relying on "netboot_enabled" flag.

Need a way to run instances by providing more than one group -- DONE 090312

Need a way to determine when "pending" should become "failed"

Need to track time and timeout per instance run

Need to be able to use IPs directly rather than using name for most calls -- DONE 011313

Use a credentials file, similar to "eucarc" to hold username, prefered group, cobbler ip, username and password


a Bare Metal Provision Tool that Interacts with Cobbler under Eucal2ools-like CLI




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