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Ua find sets of identical files

About ua

ua is a simple command-line tool that finds sets of identical files. The name ua is derived from the Hungarian word ugyanaz meaning the same.

The development of ua was motivated by the disturbingly often recurring event of waiting too long for a shell script using sorts, md5sums, diffs and the like to finish finding identical files. While there are many tools out there, we needed a tool that can ignore white spaces and runs UaTypeTools quite fast.

Should you have any remarks, observations, recommendations or even patches, don't hesitate to either to create a new ticket, or drop us a mail at


UaInstallation - Installation

UaManPage - Documentation (man page)

ua on FreshMeat

Similar Tools

UaTypeTools - UA compared to similar tools

For developers

UaReleaseChecklist Release checklist

ua on ohloh