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static ffmpeg/ffprobe binaries

Static ffmpeg/ffprobe binaries for macOS, Linux, Windows.

Supports macOS (64-bit and arm64), Linux (32 and 64-bit, armhf, arm64), Windows (32 and 64-bit). The ffmpeg version currently used is 6.0.

npm version minimum Node.js version

Sources of the binaries

The binaries download script downloads binaries from these locations:

The script extracts build information and (when possible) the license file from the downloaded package or the distribution server. Please consult the individual build's project site for exact source versions, which you can locate based on the version information included in the README file.

Show your support

The npm packages include statically linked binaries that are produced by the following individuals, who have been doing this for many years. Please consider supporting and donating to them:

Building the project

The unzip, tar CLI executables need to be installed. On macOS, use brew install gnu-tar xz.