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esys-cw2: Brushless DC Motor Control

Embedded Systems coursework 2 by Team GreenRhino (Patrick Foster, Zoe Williamson and Eusebius Ngemera)

System accepts the following regular expression as a command through the serial input:


For example, R-10.5V30 will result in 10.5 backward rotations at an angular speed of 30 rotations per second. We expanded the above requirement to recognise a standalone negative angular speed and to be case insensitive:


When a speed alone is given, motor rotates forever. When a number of rotations alone is given, motor rotates at maximum speed.


  • No self tuning of PID parameters (varying inertia)
  • No melody playing
  • With a fixed number of rotations, wait for motor to stop rotating to complete before giving a new command.

More details are in the Report