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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Feb 4, 2021

  • ADD multiple values for search text granularity
  • ADD Descriptions of endpoints in Swagger
  • FIX/REFACTOR unit tests
  • FIX/REFACTOR error handling
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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Nov 17, 2020

  • ADD within-issue search (with page numbers)
  • ADD default text granularity configuration option
  • ADD Swagger + UI
  • FIX error handling now follows API standards
  • FIX CORS headers
  • REFACTOR optimized annopage retrieval when using textGranularity parameter
  • REFACTOR upgraded to latest Spring Boot version
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@SrishtiSingh-eu SrishtiSingh-eu released this Jun 24, 2020

  • Update subtitles with license and source
  • Fix head request with content-type and charset
  • Server-side dereferencing for v2
  • Create a script to update DB with rights
  • Update API to expose edmRights
  • Filter on annotation types
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@Luthien-in-edhil Luthien-in-edhil released this Sep 30, 2019

ADDED support for AV-captions
ADDED HTTP caching for annotations and fulltext
ADDED support for retrieving webresource in JSON-LD format
ADDED server side dereferencing of fulltext resources
ADDED proper handling of HTTP 404 not exists errors

CHANGED to using the faster Stax parser for loading data
CHANGED from using spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb driver to Mongdb driver
CHANGED implementation of HEAD exists queries to use the fastest countone method

FIXED the order of fields for v2 Annotations
FIXED bug in handling 'simple' resources
FIXED bug with setting the context
FIXED bug with URLs starting with https
FIXED bug that caused page level annotations to have null text coordinates
FIXED unit tests and addressed technical debt
FIXED bug where page level annotations had no target / on
FIXED handling the Accept header of the resource endpoint

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Sep 30, 2019
[artifactory-release] Release version 0.6
Nov 12, 2018
[artifactory-release] Release version 0.5