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eurucamp Activities License Build Status

The Activities app is a small application to allow attendees to organize and plan small event in and around a conference. Users create events or sign up to created ones. Signup works through GitHub or Twitter.

The app is mobile friendly and easy to run on a free Heroku account.


The app was created by members on the Ruby Berlin e.V. on their free time as a community effort for the eurucamp conference. Ruby Berlin is the body behind RailsGirls Berlin and Hamburg, eurucamp and

If you end up using the app, please get in contact so that we know. Also, spread the word about our projects. Also, consider donating, especially, if you run a commercial conference. We are a registered non-profit, donations are tax deducible. Betterplace handles all paperwork - if in doubt, send us a mail.

If you cannot or don't want to donate - use it, it's free.


Don't use the eurucamp logo for your instance to avoid confusion.


An instance of the app can be seen running at the rubyweek page.

Screenshot: The activities app

Running the app on Heroku

To deploy the app, you need the following:

  • Clone this repository:

  • An account and a created application at Heroku.

  • A registered Twitter application. Go here.

  • A registered GitHub application. Go here.

Deploying is as easy as:

  • Add their keys to your Heroku app as described here using the env variables described below.
  • Push the repository to Heroku: git push<name-of-your-app>.git

ENV variables used:

  • GITHUB_KEY: Your GitHub application key.
  • GITHUB_SECRET: Your GitHub application secret.
  • TWITTER_KEY: Your Twitter application key.
  • TWITTER_SECRET: Your Twitter application secret.


An installed postgresql instance and a compiler is needed.

Basic setup

  • echo ' localhost' >> /etc/hosts
  • cp .env.sample .env
  • cp config/database.yml.sample config/database.yml
  • update config files: config/application.yml, .env (see ENV variables listed above)
  • bundle exec rake db:create
  • bundle exec rake db:migrate
  • bundle exec foreman start
  • tail -f log/development.log
  • open
  • run the specs: bundle exec rake


Customization is currently work in process, so the way to go is to fork the application.

  • Fork it
  • edit config/application.yml
  • edit app/assets/stylesheets/_settings.sass


This app was created by:


GNU-AGPL-3.0, see COPYRIGHT for details.