Jul 22, 2018
Finished v5.9.1-925 | 2018-07-16
 * Fixed the gal_look_for_crashes command not working
Oct 29, 2017
Finished 5.9.0-922 | 2017-10-29
 * Added German [de] language translation by AllMassive
 * Hungarian [hu] language review by norbee.16
Sep 26, 2017
Finished 5.8.1-918 | 2017-09-26
 * Fixed RTV rounding to floor instead of ceil.
Sep 10, 2017
Finished 5.8.0-913 | 2017-07-10
 * Added Turkish translation by
 * Added a new option to the cvar `gal_general_options`, disable the
   voting menu maps appearing in alphabetical order.
 * Added a new cvar `gal_rtv_rocks`, to override the cvar
   `gal_rtv_ratio` with a fixed rock the vote minimum count required.
 * Fixed compiling error with this plugin using git-5132.
 * Fixed the chat prefix not showing up on some chat messages.
 * Fixed the spectators team accepting RTV when they are disabled by the
   cvar gal_server_players_count
May 25, 2017
Finished 5.7.2 | 2017-05-25
 * Fixed the colored chat not working for AMXX 183
   on most game mods
May 24, 2017
Finished 5.7.1 | 2017-05-24
 * Fixed the `ban recent` maps feature not working.
May 23, 2017
Finished 5.7.0 | 2017-05-23
 * Added a new option to the cvar `gal_general_options`, change
   the command `gal_startvote` command default behavior.

 * Added a new argument to the command `gal_startvote`. The
   argument `-now` to allow the map to change immediately at the
   voting end.

 * Added a new argument to the command `gal_startvote`. The
   argument `-roundend` to allow the round to finish after the
   voting end.

 * Added a new cvar `gal_endonround_max` to indicates the maximum
   time to wait before forcing to change the map.

 * Fixed the cvars `gal_extendmap_max_*` option 0 always blocking
   the vote, instead of allowing it.

 * Fixed the command `say rockthevote` not working when cvar
   `gal_rtv_commands` enables it.

 * Fixed a ghost extension option showing up on `runoff` voting.

 * Fixed the possibility of the voting being messed up by its own
   automatic trigger.

 * Renamed the command `gal_command_maintenance` to

 * Renamed the command `gal_looking_for_crashes` to

 * Set the MAX_SERVER_RESTART_ACCEPTABLE value to 1, implying on
   3 crashes required before ignoring the map.
May 19, 2017
Finished 5.6.1 | 2017-05-19
 * Fixed colored chat broken on AMXX 182.
May 16, 2017
Finished 5.6.0 | 2017-05-16
 * Renamed the cvars `amx_extendmap_step_min` and
   `amx_extendmap_max_min` to `gal_extendmap_step_min` and

 * Renamed the cvars prefixed with `amx_` to `gal_`, affecting
   `amx_extendmap_step_rounds`, `amx_extendmap_allow_stay`, etc.

 * Removed the ban recent maps minimum of 3 extra maps.

 * Added a new cvar `gal_general_options` allow mute chat commands.

 * Added a new cvar `gal_vote_minimum` to specifies the minimum number
   of votes the voting should have.

 * Fixed the `say noms` command not show all nominated maps when more
   than 4 maps are nominated.

 * Fixed the some chat messages being displayed on the server language
   on AMXX 183.

 * Fixed the `runoff` voting starting twice due the vote round start

 * Fixed the `rockthevote` feature not showing negative votes values.
Apr 4, 2017
Finished 5.5.0 | 2017-03-20
 * Added a new cvar `gal_server_players_count` to ignore
   players on spectator when the plugin need counting the
   server players.

 * Fixed the `empty-cycle` feature changing to the wrong
   map continually.