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This is the website for OpenSprints, the open source goldsprints solution. It's got a lot of smaller applications which go together to form a (semi) coherent whole

* StaticMatic generated static pages
* MediaWiki + opensprints skin
* Vanilla forum +
* TextPattern blog (completely vanilla, not sure why I have this in git, customization is done in SQL)
* Spree (Rails) store + opensprints extensions and plugins
* Rails stats app for gathering results of events.

MediaWiki, Spree, Textpattern and Vanilla are all frozen in git, but they are intentionally unmodified. All changes were layered on top using css and the applications' existing plugin/skinning facilities.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

OpenSprints has an aggressively liberal commit policy. If you follow or fork the project on github, we'll add you the mainline project's collaborators list.


This software is copyright 2007 Evan Farrar. You may redistribute this software under the terms of the GPL. See the LICENSE file for details.