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PRTG Network Monitor SLA Sensor through EXE/Script Advanced Sensor
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PRTG_SLA_Weekly_v3.ps1 Update Jun 23, 2018


PRTG Network Monitor doesn't support any kind of System Uptime Sensors by Default, so I created the following three scripts to provide you with the Average Uptime of all sensors in your PRTG Network Monitor Deployment.

I recently split off the original script to create a Daily and Weekly version of the original Script. That way you can match the results of this Sensor with your SLAs.

Quick Overview of the Scripts Available

Versions Description Recommended Scanning Internval
PRTG_SLA_Overall.ps1 Averages the uptime since the creation for each Sensor > 10 Minutes
PRTG_SLA_Daily.ps1 Averages the uptime of the last 24 Hours for each Sensor > 10 Minutes
PRTG_SLA_Weekly.ps1 Averages the uptime of the last 7 Days for each Sensor > 10 Minutes

How-To & Guide

  1. How to Install the Script into your PRTG:
  • Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\PRTG Network Monitor\Custom Sensors\EXEXML\ and place the script here.
  1. Configure the script for your PRTG Server.
  • You only have to edit the User Config portion.
  • NOTE: If using Powershell ISE to edit, you will want to "run as admin" so you are able to save the script in this directory.
  1. How to setup the Sensor:
  • Create a Group/Device, set the IPv4 address of the device as:
  • Add a EXE/Script Advanced Sensor and choose from the Drop down, the script you placed earlier.
  • NOTE: You will want to set the Scanning Interval according to the Table above.


My script is now posted and available from PRTG's Script World: Here

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