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While this verison of GR1D is open source, its copyright is held by
Evan O’Connor and Christian Ott. In the absence of suitable open
scientific software licenses, we release this version of GR1D to the
community under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-share
alike license:
Essentially, you may use GR1D, but must make reference to our work,
must not use GR1D for commercial purposes, and any code including or
using our routines or part of them may be made publically available,
and if so, only under the same license.
When using this version of GR1D in published work please make
reference to the papers describing it
1. Evan O’Connor, An Open-Source Neutrino Radiation Hydrodynamics Code for
Core-Collapse Supernovae, arXiv:1411.7058, 2014.
2. Evan O’Connor and Christian D. Ott, A New Spherically-Symmetric
General Relativistic Hydrodynamics Code for Stellar Collapse to
Neutron Stars and Black Holes, Class. Quant. Grav., 27 114103, 2010.
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