A simple example of how to use the sns-mobile node.js module.
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###SNS (sns-mobile) Module Example This repository is simply an example of how the sns-mobile module could be exposed to register users for Push Notifications.

Using an express webserver it exposes a single route that can be called to register a device for Push Notifications. This is a trivial example without database interaction for user accounts etc.

To run this simply do the following:

git clone git@github.com:evanshortiss/sns-mobile-example.git
cd sns-mobile-example
npm install .
node index.js

You'll need to configure the following three environment variables:

  • SNS_KEY_ID (Secret Key for an AWS user)
  • SNS_ACCESS_KEY (Access Key for an AWS user)
  • SNS_ANDROID_ARN (PlatformApplicationArn for your Android (GCM) SNS application)

To add fake users you can do the following curl request:

curl --data "deviceId=some_fake_device_id_for_app"