Command line tool to generate forks of the _s WordPress starter theme
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_sh (the _s shell)

_sh is a command line tool to generate forks of the _s WordPress starter theme. It uses to create the fork, but lets you do it entirely from the command line.

It lives at


_sh is written in Python, so you'll need to have it installed and have a way to interact with it on the command line, like in

The easiest way to use _sh is to put it in a place that your PATH can access it. First, clone this repository.

git clone /path/to/wherever/you/want/to/save/it

From the directory that you cloned _sh, you can run the installer script to create a symlink.


That will give you a prompt where you can type the directory that you want to link _sh to. Here I'll set it up to live in my ~/bin directory.

Welcome to _sh.

Where do you want to symlink _sh? ~/bin


ln -s /Users/evan/code/_sh/_sh /Users/evan/bin


Assuming you've setup _sh to be accessible in your PATH, to use it you can just call _sh on the command line from anywhere.

When you call _sh you'll get an interactive prompt that will walk you through setting up your theme. The new theme will get created in a child directory of wherever the command is run from. Here's an example:

mkdir -p ~/code/themes && cd ~/code/themes && _sh

Once I run the _sh command I'll get an interactive prompt with a few questions to setup my new theme. It's hard to tell from here, but the introduction and questions all come from _sh, and the answers come from me, typed into an interactive prompt in Terminal. Most of these questions are optional; the only one you must answer is the theme's name.

I'm going to ask you for some information about your theme.

You have to give your theme a name but you can leave the others blank if you want.

Let's get started.

Name? Stella and Mojo
Slug? stellaandmojo
Author? Evan Solomon
Author URI?
Description? It's a theme named after dogs, because why the hell not.

At this point, _sh will make a request to, download a ZIP file with my new theme, and unzip it. Then I'll have a directory in ~/code/themes/stellaandmojo with my theme files.

That's it, now I've got a new fork on _s with all of my customizations setup.