WordPress plugin to let commenters use (Github-flavored) Markdown
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GitHub-Flavored Markdown Comments

WordPress plugin to let commenters use (Github-flavored) Markdown, and turn it into HTML.

Based on Michel Fortin's PHP markdown library with added features from GitHub-flavored Markdown.

  • Single linebreaks are treated as new paragraphs
  • Code "fencing" with three backticks (```)

Missing features

Two notable features from GitHub's Markdown implementation are missing:

  • To do lists: Doing these well would require some front end interaction, which I decided is outside the scope of this plugin at least for now
  • Repository autolinking (e.g. comments, issues, etc): These seemed a little too GitHub-specific.


GitHub-flavored Markdown Comments required PHP 5.3 or later. If your server has PHP 5.2, this plugin will quickly break your site. WordPress requires 5.2.4, which means that your server might work fine with WordPress but not with this plugin. If you don't know what version of PHP your server uses, ask your host. If that doesn't work, take Tylenol for any headaches, Midol for any cramps.