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Terminal Slack

A terminal interface for Slack.

Screenshot of Termianl Slack


Command Key Combination
Move up up arrow or k
Down up down arrow or j
Search /
Exit esc
Select channels list ctrl + c
Select users list ctrl + u
Select writing area ctrl + w
Select message list ctrl + l



  1. Download this repository:

    git clone
  2. Enter the directory:

    cd terminal-slack
  3. Install the package:

    npm install
  4. Create your Legacy Slack API token.

  5. Install your token on your local machine, inserting your token between the quotes:

    export SLACK_TOKEN='your-slack-token-here'
  6. Run the application:

    node main.js
  7. Terminal Slack should now launch.


  • Terminal Slack opens for a second but then closes again

    This might be due to your SLACK_TOKEN not being recognised. Make sure the put your SLACK_TOKEN between the two single quotes when exporting it:

    export SLACK_TOKEN='xoxp-254112160503-252950188691-252375361712-6cbf56aada30951a9d310a5f23d032a0'