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What is EventMachine?

EventMachine is a library for Ruby, C++, and Java programs. It provides event-driven I/O using the Reactor pattern. EventMachine is designed to simultaneously meet two key needs:

  • Extremely high scalability, performance and stability for the most demanding production environments;
  • An API that eliminates the complexities of high-performance threaded network programming, allowing engineers to concentrate on their application logic.

This unique combination makes EventMachine a premier choice for designers of critical networked applications, including web servers and proxies, email and IM production systems, authentication/authorization processors, and many more.

Getting Started

You can start out by installing the gem with a simple gem install eventmachine (or gem install eventmachine --pre for the latest dev version). If you’re a bit more daring and want to live on the bleeding edge, you can grab and build EM yourself.

Once you’ve got EM available, we’ve got a quick General Introduction to give you the basics then take a look at the Code Snippets to get yourself started. We’ve gathered together some Tutorials to help you find your footing and there is a FAQ available for some common questions. Don’t forget to check out the known Protocol Implementations.

When you’re in the mood for more in-depth documentation check out the rdoc.

Getting Help

Mailing List http://groups.google.com/group/eventmachine
IRC Channel #eventmachine on irc.freenode.net
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