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My settings and scripts for the herbstluft windows manager
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== This is out of date ==

A collection of scripts and configs for herbsluftwm

	i3status ( I should change this to conky, all it's doing is getting the time)
	dzen3-svn ( this is the name of the AUR package, it's the latest dzen with XMP and click support.)
  iceland font ( found in google fonts, you can change this to what ever you want in
  awsetbg (this is only used in autostart to set the background, easily replaceable)

colors are similar to the molokai theme for vim/sublime

  launches a dmenu dialog where you can input a new name for
  the current tag. Keybindings are updated so that tags are 
  still accessed by number ( the 2nd tag is accessed with 2,
  the 5th by 5 regardless of the name )
  remembers names given to tags, lists them in order of last used.

  fixes keybindings on reload.
  adds a clock and workspace switcher to each workspace
  adds a system tray to the first monitor
  for dzen to be clickable you must have the newest version of dzen (dzen-svn in the AUR)
  if you do now want this remove the ^ca line in ws_bar
  This parses xrandr output for each monitor, then makes one herb monitor for each found.

  dmenu dialog to set the window padding

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