FreeRTOS based OS for the Raspberry Pi
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A FreeRTOS based OS for the Raspberry Pi (

pir{A}tos is planed to become a small realtime OS for the Raspberr Pi.
Therefor it will lack most of the features one expects from a modern
operating system to begin with. That means, no MMU support (i.e. no virtual
memory nor memory protection), no dynamic linking, no GUI, no nothing.
What you get though is a small codebase that you can hack the hell out.

At its current state it compiles a linux binary that you can test on
your linux box. The program does a little FatFS test, then starts 4
realtime tasks that each prints a letter (A to D) at different intervals.
Nothing specteculer yet, I have to admit. The Pi build is completely
useless. I will work on it as soon as I get my Pi.

All code is GPL (V2), copyright by various authors glued together by me.