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Pressed: blog software for Juice

BIG WARNING: This app has a very unstable API. If you start coding against it expect stuff to break. Things should settle down in a month or so after it's smoother.

Pressed is a blog application written for Juice which can either be used standalone or embedded in your own application.

To use it as a standalone app just copy conf/app-sample.json to conf/app.json, add in your own config, and fire it up using the included ./script/server. Now you're done and you can safely ignore the rest of this README.

Embedding Pressed

To use it as an embedded app add something like the following to your app.urls definition:

app.urls = {
  "/?" : "index",

  // Pressed subapp
  "/blog" : {
    app : "/path/to/pressed",
    config : "conf/pressed.json"

  "/styles": { static: "./static/styles" },
  "/scripts": { static: "./static/scripts" }

Pressed will be rooted at the URL used as the key (in this case /blog). The path to the source and config can be relative or absolute.

## Using Pressed's models

All of Pressed's models will be available to your app alongside your own models. By default they'll use the URL you rooted it at:

"/blog" : {
  app : "/path/to/pressed",
  config : "conf/pressed.json"

In this example the models will be available at If you want to use a different key you can specify it manually:

"/blog" : {
  app : "/path/to/pressed",
  config : "conf/pressed.json",
  name : "pressed"

This will make the models available at this.models.pressed regardless of what you change the URL to.

Git submodules

If you use Git for source control and want to get fancy, you could include Pressed as a submodule under vendor/pressed and set your config like:

"/blog" : {
  app : "vendor/pressed",
  config : "conf/pressed.json"

This enables you to update Pressed whenever you need to without boring merges whilst also keeping clean checkouts simple. In theory you should just need a simple:

git submodule add git:// vendor/pressed