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Simple scripts for use with Freeplane
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Some FreePlane Scripts

A repo to store freeplane scripts that I wrote for use with


FreePlane already has a very good collection of Scripts on their wiki. These are a very useful starting point for creating your own scripts.

If you don't find a script that is close to what you need then check out the Scripting and Scripting API pages

How to load a script

  • Find your scripts directory:
    • start FreePlane
    • tools\Open user directory
    • locate \scripts
  • Copy the .groovy file for the script in the \scripts directory
  • Restart Freeplane

Now that Freeplane is running, you can amend the .script and each time it is run it will pick up the new changes from the file system.

**When creating your own scripts, remember that the filename is the classname so it needs to be valid syntax e.g. my-new-script.groovy would trigger an error in Freeplane by myNewScript.groovy or MyNewScript.groovy would be fine. And it would show up in the Tools \ Scripts menu as My New Script

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