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A statically typed concatenative programming language.

Improve type error messages.

Collect better locations during parsing, add a location field to all
types, propagate those types during inference, and report type errors
more succinctly.

The Kitten Programming Language

Kitten is a statically typed, stack-based functional programming language designed for simplicity, speed, and safety. This is an in-progress implementation of that language, including:

  • An interactive console for testing code.

  • An interpreter.

  • A compiler targeting C99.


Building Build Status

To build the compiler, you need GHC 7.8 from the latest Haskell Platform. Simply run:

git clone
cd kitten

You can run the integration tests concurrently with make -jn, where n is the number of concurrent jobs. If you are working on the compiler, you can use make dev to avoid checking the library dependencies on every rebuild.

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