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The source code of NorthEuraLex' web interface
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NorthEuraLex: website

In this repo lives the web interface to the NorthEuraLex database ( It is a clld app.


# clone this repository
git clone
cd northeuralex_website

# you do not need to create a virtual env if you know what you are doing
# note that this is a python 3 project
pyvenv path/to/my/venv
source path/to/my/venv/bin/activate

# install the dependencies (there are quite a few of these)
# it is important to use the versions specified in the requirements file
pip install -r requirements.txt

# clld wants its projects to be python packages, so you have to register
# the northeuralex package with the virtual env
python develop

# in a development setup the database is an sqlite3 instance living in meta
mkdir meta
python northeuralex/scripts/ development.ini --module northeuralex path/to/northeuralex_data path/to/lang_data

# check the unit tests
python test

# run the development server at localhost:6543
pserve --reload development.ini

There are certain strings in clld's default templates that can be changed through localisation. If you want to change one of those strings, you need to add them in northeuralex/ and then do something like this:

pybabel extract northeuralex -o northeuralex/locale/northeuralex.pot
pybabel init -i northeuralex/locale/northeuralex.pot -d northeuralex/locale -D clld -l en

vim northeuralex/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/clld.po

pybabel compile -d northeuralex/locale -D clld --statistics
pybabel update -i northeuralex/locale/northeuralex.pot -d northeuralex/locale -D clld --previous


MIT. Please note that this only refers to the source code. The data itself is publised under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence, as noted on the website.

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