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Cold Snack theme for VS Code
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Cold Snack Theme

There's nothing better in life than a tall, refreshing, cold snack for your tastebuds and your eyeballs. Reminiscent of the Unofficial Official Beer of Montana, the Cold Snack theme will soothe and satiate your mind as you create your magical works.

This theme supports most (soon to be all) major themeable parts of the VS Code UI, and provides custom theming for the following formats:

  • JavaScript
  • Markdown
  • Handlebars/HTMLBars
  • JSDoc Blocks

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


Contributions are welcome! The Cold Snack theme colors are in themes/colors.yaml. Available elements to style are in the Theme Color Reference.

Individual components of the theme are broken out into separate yaml files inside of the themes directory. If you wish to add support for additional VS Code UI elements, you can do so in the workbench.yaml file.

Adding Support for a new Language

If you would like to add custom theme support for a new language, create a new yaml file for your language and incorporate it into the build.js file:

# in your terminal
touch themes/someLang.yaml
// build.js

// Add your language theme in the languages section:
langStyles = importTheme(langStyles, 'themes/someLang.yaml');

Shout Outs

Big thanks to Dan Hedgecock's Panda Extended Theme for providing a totally rad yaml-based structure for defining colors and rules for super easy theme construction.

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