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BER-TLV parser and builder
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BER-TLV parser and builder

BerTlv is a java library for parsing and building BER TLV encoded data.


  • supported types: amount, date, time, text, BCD, bytes
  • thread safe (provides immutable container BerTlv)
  • production ready (uses in several projects)
  • lightweight (no external dependencies)

Setup with dependency managers




compile 'com.payneteasy:ber-tlv:$VERSION'

How to parse

byte[] bytes = HexUtil.parseHex("50045649534157131000023100000033D44122011003400000481F");

BerTlvParser parser = new BerTlvParser(LOG);
BerTlvs tlvs = parser.parse(bytes, 0, bytes.length);
BerTlvLogger.log("    ", tlvs, LOG);

How to build

byte[] bytes =  new BerTlvBuilder()
                .addHex(new BerTag(0x50), "56495341")
                .addHex(new BerTag(0x57), "1000023100000033D44122011003400000481F")


The BerTlv framework is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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