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This readme file briefly describes the nature-of-collection and contents of the I&Q data samples collected by the members of eWINE project in TCD. The raw I&Q samples belonging to WiFi and LTE, were collected: -in the CONNECT building (Dunlop Oriel House) in Dublin 2, in Ireland, in the 2nd floor, where CONNECT's testbed was located at the time of collecting the data

-using the B210 USRP from Ettus research. At the time of data collection, we had four B210s in our pocession, each having four antenna slots (sections A and B, each having a Tx/Rx and an Rx antenna slot)

-by Jerome Arokkiam, from the transmissions of commercial LTE and WiFi base stations.


The unlicesend band is faced with the new challenge of LTE-WiFi co-existence, with the recent standardisation of LTE for the operation in the unlicensed band (LTE-LAA, LTE-U), and the listen-before-talk behaviour of the soft-incumbent, WiFi, in the unlicensed band. Since the unlicesned band has a large chunk of 'free' bandwidth in the 5GHz in addition to the saturated 2.4GHz, channel selection has been proposed as one of the techniques to enable fair usage of the unlicensed band by the dominant (heavily used) LTE and WiFi technologies.

We have proposed machine learning based classification to identify the incumbent technology (between WiFi and LTE) at a given time at a given frequency in the unlisenced band. In order to validate a machine learning model for accuracy at different channel conditions between LTE and WiFi, a substantial amount of data samples are required for training and cross-validating the machine learning model.


technology-centreFrequency-antennaGain-sampleCaputuredRate-capturedBandwidth-captureInstance.bin An example is: wifi-5660MHz-gain30dB-capturedRate15Msps-bandwidth15MHz-it1.bin, where the captured signal:

  1. is received from a wifi base station
  2. has a centre frquency of 5660MHz and a bandwidth of 15MHz
  3. is sampled at a rate of 15Msps and with an antenna gain of 30dB
  4. and is the first capture instance (it1) having the settings (1) to (3).


Due to the large size of each of the I&Q sample file (which results in 160MB when a 10MHz bandwidth is sampled at 10Msps for 2 second duration), the link above is for the MEGA online storage space, which contains the samples collected by Jerome Arokkiam over 3 different times of the year (as indicated in the folder names).


I&Q Samples of LTE and WiFi






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