Make your Elgg site buttery-smooth with some awesome ajax navigation and form-submission features.
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Ajaxify for Elgg 1.8

Ajaxify makes your Elgg site fast and smooth by telling Elgg how to perform many common tasks via ajax.


Elgg 1.8 introduces a new js library that provides a nice foundation for ajax development. This plugin is meant to build on that foundation and start getting Elgg actually ajaxified. The initial results look very promising!

Who needs this plugin?

EVERYONE. Past iterations of this plugin were meant for developers only. Now that most of the developer tools have made it into core, it's time to get some user-facing features out there. I've started with the admin interface since that seemed like the easiest target for navigation. Also, your users won't yell at you if I've broken something.


  • Many admin area pages will load via ajax when you navigate to them.
  • Many admin forms will submit via ajax when you submit them.


This is alpha software! I have tested only on one machine on one (very modern) browser, and have written no unit tests. But something tells me you're hungry for a faster interface so you're going to try this plugin anyways. Fortunately, if your system becomes unusable, you can just disable the plugin. :)