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sayerhs Fix memory errors in nightly test for ABL Top BC implementation. (#64)
* Fix memory errors in nightly test for ABL Top BC implementation.

- Deallocate fftw plans within destructor
- Use std::runtime_error instead of printf+exit for signaling error
- Fix missing semicolon in LowMach
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Nalu-Wind, a generalized unstructured massively parallel low Mach flow code designed to support the Exawind ECP.

The Department of Energy (DOE), by memo dated 05/13/2014, has granted Sandia permission to assert its copyright in software entitled "Nalu v 1.0".

Referencing Nalu-Wind

When disseminating technical work that includes Nalu-Wind simulations, please reference the following citation:

Domino, S. "Sierra Low Mach Module: Nalu Theory Manual 1.0", SAND2015-3107W, Sandia National Laboratories Unclassified Unlimited Release (UUR), 2015.

This document can be found under the Nalu-Wind Documentation.

Nalu-Wind Documentation

The Nalu-Wind documentation website is located here.

Building Nalu-Wind

Detailed build instructions for Nalu and the accompanied required TPLs, e.g., Trilinos, YAML, etc., can be found in the Nalu-Wind Documentation.

Nightly Testing Status

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Nightly testing results can be seen by clicking the CDash logo above. More details on testing can be found here.