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Excalidraw Blog

For news and updates visit:


We are using Gatsby and in order to run it locally, execute the following from the root:

yarn start

Visit localhost:8000 to test it.

Writing a Blog Post

  • Create a new folder inside the content/blog/
    • The folder name should follow kebab-case
    • Use the slug of the title of the post to name it
  • Create inside that folder
  • Create og.png inside that folder for the open graph image
  • Add a frontmatter
    • title: Use Title Case for Titles
    • date: Date in ISO format. Example: 2020-03-12
    • note: Optional. Displayed next to the date when reading a post.
    • image: Filename of the open graph image. Example: og.png
  • The note field is usually used to link to the original post when reposting (example)
  • Add somewhere the <!-- end --> to declare your excerpt (it's used on the front page)