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This is my blog's wordpress theme that I've modified from the Minimal Guy theme by Guy Ro.

The original website and theme seem to be unavailable on the internet so I'm hosting my modified version here. The original theme description is as follows:

Theme Name: Minimal Guy
Theme URI:
Description: A very clean minimalist theme, search, archives or other features.
Author: Guy Ro
Author URI:
Tags: white, two-columns, fixed-width
Version: 1.0
This theme is uncopyrighted, free, and offered as is.


As simple as creating a folder in your wp-content/themes directory called "minimal-guy" and copying the files there via FTP.

Alternatively if you have git on your server you can ssh in, navigate to the themes directory and clone the repository:

cd /WORDPRESS DIRECTORY/wp-content/themes
git clone git:// minimal-guy
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