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OmniSocial is a Rails engine for Twitter and Facebook logins

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A Rails 3 engine for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn logins using OmniAuth


To use OmniSocial in a Rails 3 application:

  1. Require it in the Gemfile: gem 'omnisocial'

  2. Install it by running bundle.

  3. Run rails g omnisocial to copy an initializer, database migration and some CSS and image assets into your base application directory.

  4. Edit config/initializers/omnisocial.rb and include your application's Twitter and Facebook OAuth configuration.

  5. Run rake db:migrate to create the user and login_account tables.

  6. Test that the logins work by accessing /login inside your application.

Some more detailed installation instructions are in the project announcement article.


Copyright & License

OmniSocial is Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Tim Riley and Icelab, and is released under MIT License.

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