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Digital Workplace Software that helps people work together

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Welcome to eXo Platform

About eXo Platform

  • eXo Platform is an extensible open source Digital Workplace software that helps people work together. It comes with an extensive set of features spanning all work areas :
  • Communication : tools for top-down and bottom up communications and communities management
  • Collaboration : tools to collaborate efficiently from any device and any location
  • Knowledge : tools to organize, manage, share and promote your organization's knowledge
  • Productivity : transversal tools that boost individual productivity and recognize employee contributions

Features and benefits

eXo Platform features and capabilities include :

  • Communication : CMS, news management, social network, gamification, community animation tools and analytics
  • Collaboration : spaces, chat/videoconferencing, collaborative agendas, project management/tasks
  • Knowledge : DMS, notes, tacit knowledge and search
  • Productivity : processes, bookmarks, personnalisation, applications center, notifications, mobile, token based recognition

Three things characterize eXo Platform and set it apart from any other digital workplace :

  • Superior user experience. eXo Platform centers on the user and provides a superior user experience thanks to its modern architecture and a software stack based on Vuejs/Vuetify and Java.
  • Open-source. The platform is open source. It proudly builds on top of fantastic OSS such as ElasticSearch, Tomcat, Jitsi, OnlyOffice and Meeds. We offer a free community edition under an AGPL license - github repository. We support open standards.
  • Enhanced security. The platform includes enhanced security features, shipped with the enterprise edition, and developed in sensitive client contexts.

eXo Platform Community Edition

eXo Platform is distributed under two editions - eXo Platform CE (community edition) and eXo Platform EE (enterprise edition).

eXo Platform Community Edition is distributed for free, under the open source AGPL license

eXo Platform Enterprise Edition is distributed under a commercial license, using a subscription model.

More on the similarities and differences between the editions can be found here : Enteprise vs Community

Discover eXo

Any questions :

  • For any questions about the community edition, please join our online community platform : eXo Tribe
  • For questions about our enterprise edition and commercial offers, contact us on our website -


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