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This site groups together all documentations useful to develop or contribute to eXo Platform projects. It is built using Jekyll and its extension Jekyll Bootstrap

How to contribute ?

Feel free to fork the repository and to propose pull requests.

How to preview the site ?

  1. Install Jekyll. It is a ruby gem and often it is just :

    sudo gem update --system

    sudo gem install jekyll rdiscount RedCloth

    sudo easy_install Pygments

  2. In order to get a server up and running with your Jekyll site, run:

    jekyll serve

and then browse to http://localhost:4000.

How to create a new post ?

rake post title="A Title" [date="2012-02-09"]

How to create a new page ?

rake page name=""

You can also specify a sub-directory path. If you don't specify a file extention we create an index.html at the path specified


Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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