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liprug: simple status board


The idea behind liprug is to give you a simple tool to communicate your operational status to clients.

The main objectives behind liprug were:

  • Simple deployment compatible with heroku and AWS
  • All-in-one solution
  • Simple administration


You can deploy to heroku or any host provider. It is advised to set up liprug to operate behind SSL only.


Configuration is done through environment variables, here are the relevant ones:

  • REDIS_URL or REDISTOGO_URL: url of redis host for storage
  • LIPRUG_BRAND_HEADER: text you want shown on the header bar
  • LIPRUG_BRAND_CONTACT: if present, a "report issue" button will show up in the bar, with this value as href
  • LIPRUG_BRAND_SCRIPT: if present, a script to be inserted in the page, to track analytics for instance
  • LIPRUG_CREDENTIALS: colon separated user and password


The main URL shows current service status, the /admin URL allows input and modifications


  • Additional authentication methods to admin interface
  • Per-service history
  • Typed service data to allow graphs


liprug is a production of exoscale