Connect to the cloud using TI's CC3000 WiFi & Exosite's services
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About MSP430 FRAM CC3000 Smart Config Sensor Cloud

This project is an embedded software project meant to run on the Texas Instruments MSP430 FRAM development kit to demonstrate sending & receiving data to & from the cloud over CC3000 WiFi.

The project functionality includes:

  1. Reading from ADC inputs (A0, A1, A2, A4/Thermistor, A5, A7, A12/X-Axis, A13/ Y-Axis, A14/Z-Axis, A15).

  2. Using CC3000 WiFi to write ADC data to Exosite

  3. Using CC3000 WiFi to read command/control data from Exosite

  4. Turning on and off LED7 based on Cloud-based control data

License is BSD, Copyright 2013, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Tested with:

  • IDE and Toolchain: Code Composer v5 (Version: 5.3) for Windows
  • MSP430 Compiler 4.1.2
  • FRAM development kit MSP-EXP430FR5739 (5/20/2011 seal date)
  • CC3000 patch version 1.11
  • LS Research CC3000 module - TiWi-SL Rev 2 or muRata CC3000 module - LBWA1ZZVK7 Rev 2.0

================================================================================ Quick Start (Program Kit with Binary Image and Get Running in 5 Minutes)

  1. Download the repository containing this readme file (msp430_cc3000_smartconfig) and extract to a folder of your choosing

  2. Go to the folder "flashtool" and install the applicaiton "flashtool.msi"

  3. Attach the FRAM board to your PC via the mini-USB connector, make sure the CC3000 module is on the devkit

  4. If you have never updated the CC3000's driver patch, open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool, and run "download_cc3000_patch_programmer_driver"

  5. If you have never updated the CC3000's firmware patch, Open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool, and run "download_cc3000_patch_programmer_firmware"

  6. Open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool, and run "download_exosite_demo"

  7. Open a browser and go to . Login or sign-up (if you don't already have an account)

  8. In the TI Portal, add a new MSP430 + CC3000 device, and enter the MAC address from the sticker on the WiFi module.

  9. In order to pair the device with your WiFi Access Point, press and hold S1 until LED6 starts blinking (this enters Smart Config mode). You will need to follow the instructions at to download and install an application for iOS or Android to configure the CC3000. This only needs to be done once for a given Access Point.

  10. Verify LED1, followed by LED2, LED3 and finally LED4 all come on

  • LED1 is a "communications with WiFi module is working" indicator
  • LED2 is a "WiFi signal with appropriate credentials is associated" indicator
  • LED3 is a "WiFi signal has been connected" indicator
  • LED4 is "Internet communications are working" indicator
  1. Verify data in Exosite Portals is being reported to the data sources. Data is written roughly every 10 seconds to all data sources, while data is read every two seconds.

  2. Verify the kit can receive data from Exosite - go to the /manage/data page and click on the LED7 Control data source and enter a '0' in the Write Data block - LED7 on the MS430 FRAM will turn off.

  3. Disconnect from your PC and run anywhere you have a 5v power mini-USB connector available!

  4. See the file utils.h for error codes to assist with troubleshooting. The errorhandler will blink LED 7 rapidly for a couple of seconds and then it will blink slowly for the following codes:

  • 1 blink - not associated with an access point (check SSID/passphrase)
  • 2 blinks - cannot connect to the Exosite server (check Internet connection)
  • 3 blinks - cannot write (check signal strength / distance from AP)
  • 4 blinks - communiations the SPI module experience error, retry
  • 5 blinks - rare race condition experienced, retry

================================================================================ Release Info

Release 2013-07-31

--) Added flash tool to update firmware from binary files

Release 2013-07-15

--) Updated HTTP response parsing in the device activation function.

Release 2013-06-10

--) Updated CC3000 host driver and reduce stack usage in Exosite library.

Release 2013-05-06

--) Added WDT and update CC3000 patch program

Release 2013-03-06

--) Initial release