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Strongspace rsync backup plugin

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Strongspace Rsync Backup plugin

This is a plugin for the Strongspace gem to automatically backup any local folder to Strongspace. Currently it only works on Mac but will support windows soon enough.


Upgrade/Install the Strongspace gem to v0.3.0 or newer: sudo gem install strongspace

Install the Strongspace Rsync plugin strongspace plugins:install git://


The following commands are added to the Strongspace command-line tool

=== Rsync Backup
rsync:list                                    # List backup profiles
rsync:run <name>                              # Run a backup profile
rsync:create <name>                           # Create a backup profile
rsync:delete <name> [remove_data]             # Delete a backup profile, [remove_data=>(yes|no)]]
rsync:schedule <name>                         # Schedules continuous backup
rsync:unschedule <name>                       # Unschedules continuous backup
rsync:logs                                    # Opens and shows the Backup log
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