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From the GETH team:

This release improves block processing performance to work around recent DoS attacks. It also disables the --jitvm A/B test which previously enabled the experimental JIT VM for 10% of geth users.

The DoS issue that began affecting the ethereum network two days ago has been remediated by adding state journalling to Geth. Journalling means that we no longer need to copy a transaction's state when a call is made; this is the root cause of many of the recently identified issues. Journalling, along with other recent improvements in response to other attacks, should also make Geth significantly faster at importing transactions.


Expanse v1.3.4 (homestead)

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Ethereum Protocol changes

  • EIP-7: New EVM opcode DELEGATECALL
  • EIP-2: Consensus rules changes:
  • The gas cost for creating contracts via a transaction is increased from 21000 to 53000;
    All transaction signatures whose s-value is greater than secp256k1n/2 are now considered invalid;
  • OOG CREATE calls when there's insufficient gas for storing the code (as opposed to silently ignoring the code storage);
  • Difficulty adjust algorithm has changed to block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 512 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(2**((block.number // 100000) - 2))
    Fixes / Other
  • Decreased minimum accepted gas price
  • Fixed windows p2p discover bug
  • Fixed transaction sorting
  • Implement EIP-8 p2p protocol upgrade
  • Fixed downloader OOM


The minimum accepted gas price for both relaying and block inclusion has changed with #2273 to 20 Shannon (from 50 Shannon), this because of the recent changes in the price of Ether. You can change this setting with the --gasprice flag when starting up the client and restore the old gas price if desired.