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The modern local Expo CLI is included with the expo package and does not need to be installed separately. Run it with npx expo. Its source code lives in the expo/expo repo.

Assorted Expo Dev Tools

This repo consists of packages used in the legacy global Expo CLI and related tooling.

📚 Documentation

Learn about building and deploying universal apps in our official docs!

🗺 Project Layout

Package Version
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@expo/schemer badges
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@expo/webpack-config badges

👏 Contributing

If you like the Expo CLI and want to help make it better then check out our contributing guide! Also check out the Expo repo to work on the Expo docs, modules, and components in the Expo SDK.


If you have questions about Expo and want answers, then check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you still have questions you can ask them on our forums or on Twitter @Expo.

💙 The Team

Curious about who makes Expo? Here are our team members!


The Expo source code is made available under the MIT license. Some of the dependencies are licensed differently, with the BSD license, for example.