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Exponent Content Management System

Copyright (c) 2004-2020 OIC Group, Inc.

For installation information, please read the file.

For LICENSING information, please read the LICENSE file.

For questions, support, or further information, please visit

Exponent CMS 2.0 is an exciting web-based content management system. It makes creating and maintaining websites easy for non-technical users, while providing site managers the power and flexibility to add new features, completely customize the layout, and delegate responsibilities to other users. For more information, see the file.

Getting Started

First, you'll need to install and configure Exponent. See the file for a detailed description of how to do this.

Current Version and Changes

The current version is found in the file. For more detailed changes see the file.


Exponent is Open Source, licensed under the GPL. To read about the specifics of the GPL, please see the LICENSE file.

You are free to use and redistribute it, and make changes / fix bugs. The Exponent development team encourages you to get involved. We are currently looking for contributions in the following area:

  • Development - Those able and willing to contribute development skills are encouraged to join in. Simply fork this repository, hack away, and submit a pull request. We'll take a look at your code and changes
  • Documentation - If you're interested in helping with documentation, contact us through the forums and we'll advise you as to where to contribute documentation.
  • Testing - As with every software application, there are bound to be bugs. We think the system is stable enough to use, but we are always looking for more testers; people to use and abuse the CMS and expose bugs. The more bugs we find and fix, the better off the package is.


Support / Questions

For questions, support, or further information, please visit

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