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ExponentCMS Calendar Event Reminders implementation

There are NO guarantees this may not open up security vulnerabilities on your site! Please use with caution!

After installation, you'll need to update/change the settings on the calendars you plan to use it with. Primarily this allows you to add the info needed about the mailouts.

To use, pull up the send_reminders.php file in a browser (or curl with cron, etc...) passing a calendar id number which can be found on the module configuration screen.
You can also pass other parameters, e.g.
(or with curl)
curl -G -d "id=1&days=14" -s

The script responds with either an error or displays a copy of the sent e-mail contents.

id - id of calendar to use (mandatory)
view - name of template to use (defaults to using _reminder)
time - time/date to start from (defaults to now)
days - number of days of events to pull (defaults to 7)

Currently this script:
- adheres to aggregated/merged calendars
- uses the default (weekly) template of "_reminder" which pulls the next 7 days of events. I may add a daily template
- sends an html/text formatted message, but the text message isn't formatted very well, it's just the html less the tags
- only sends to the addresses selected in module settings which are selected from web site user profiles (think of it as the calendar owner). I may add the ability to address groups and freestyle address just like in private messages and forms. Not planning on adding a subscription option, but anything's possible.
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