An example payment gateway extension for Expresso Store
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Store Check Extension

This is an example payment gateway extension for Expresso Store. It adds a new payment method which can be configured from the Store control panel settings.

By default, it simply extends the existing Omnipay "Manual" payment gateway, which can be used to process off-line transactions. This allows you to have multiple off-line payment gateways with different names.

The same package layout can be used to add support for any payment gateway, without having to modify core Store files. This makes future upgrades of Store much easier.


This is the main extension file. It uses the store_payment_gateways hook available in Store 2.1+ to register a new payment gateway.

Omnipay folder

This is where the gateway lives. It follows the standard conventions and layout of an Omnipay payment gateway.

For further information about developing Omnipay-compatible payment gateways, please see the Omnipay project.


This gateway is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.