Wrap the Clarinet JSON parser with an object stream: JSON in, parse event objects out.
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Clarinet Object Stream

Clarinet is a streaming JSON parser, but it is only streaming when reading in and writing out JSON string data. The very useful parse events are emitted only, not streamed - so it if you want a stream of parse events then you'll have to assemble that yourself.

Hence this small package: Clarinet Object Stream is a stream that lets you pipe JSON in and pipe Clarinet parse events out.


npm install clarinet-object-stream


var ClarinetObjectStream = require('clarinet-object-stream');
var clarinetObjectStream = new ClarinetObjectStream({
  // The number of parse events to accumulate in the buffer before ceasing
  // to read piped-in JSON.
  highWaterMark: 16
var readStream = fs.createReadStream('path/to/my.json');

In non-flowing mode:

clarinetObjectStream.on('readable', function () {
  // Start reading. e.g.:
  var parseEvent;
  do {
    parseEvent = clarinetObjectStream.read();
    if(parseEvent) {
      // doSomethingWith(parseEvent);
  } while (parseEvent);

In flowing mode:

clarinetObjectStream.on('data', function (parseEvent) {
  // doSomethingWith(parseEvent);

Either way, an end event is emitted once the stream is complete:

clarinetObjectStream.on('end', function () {
  // Done!


Events returned from clarinetObjectStream.read() have the form:

{ type: 'closearray' }
{ type: 'closeobject' }
{ type: 'error', data: new Error('parse error description') }
{ type: 'key', data: 'string' }
{ type: 'openarray' }
{ type: 'openobject', data: 'first key name' }
{ type: 'value', data: 'string|number|boolean' }

See the Clarinet documentation for more on the events that can be generated by the stream.

Error Events

Syntax errors in JSON will add error events to the object stream - usually quite a large number of error events.

It is up to you as to what is done when an error occurs - either stop the stream and abandon parsing, or continue. If there is syntactically correct JSON further on in the stream, then it will be parsed following the errors and useful parse events will be emitted once again.