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TYPO3 tt_news importer for EXT:News
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TYPO3 extension "news_ttnewsimport"

This extension imports records from EXT:tt_news to EXT:news with support for multiple 3rd party extensions which enhance tt_news.


  • TYPO3 CMS >= 6.2
  • Ext:news >= 3.0


GPL v2

Migrate records

The records tt_news are migrated to tx_news_domain_model_news and tt_news_cat to sys_category.

The following 3rd party extensions are supported during the migration and are not needed anymore:

  • DAM: The dam records are migrated using the new FAL API.
  • jg_youtubeinnews: YouTube links are migrated to EXT:news media elements
  • tl_news_linktext: Related links are migrated to ext:news link elements
  • EXT:mbl_newsevent are migrated to the available fields of EXT:roq_newsevent (News event extension for EXT:news)


  • After installing the extension, switch to the module "News Import".
  • Select the wizard you need and press Start.

Important: First start import of categories if any. Afterwards reopen the module to import news. If you don't reopen the module, some news can be imported twice.

Plugin migration

You can migrate the plugins of tt_news to news by using the command line.

Be aware that not all options are migrated. Supported are:

  • what_to_display
  • listOrderBy (except: archivedate, author, type, random)
  • ascDesc
  • categoryMode
  • categorySelection
  • useSubCategories
  • archive
  • imageMaxWidth
  • imageMaxHeight
  • listLimit
  • noPageBrowser
  • croppingLenght
  • PIDitemDisplay
  • backPid
  • pages
  • recursive

not supported:

  • croppingLenghtOptionSplit
  • firstImageIsPreview
  • forceFirstImageIsPreview
  • myTS
  • template_file
  • altLayoutsOptionSplit
  • maxWordsInSingleView
  • catImageMode
  • catImageMaxWidth
  • catImageMaxHeight
  • maxCatImages
  • catTextMode
  • maxCatTexts
  • alternatingLayouts


Important: Run the plugin migration after the record migration!

# Gives you some information about how many plugins are still to be migrated
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase ttnewspluginmigrate:check
# Creates the plugins for *EXT:news* by creating a new record below the plugin of *EXT:tt_news*.
# This makes it possible for you to cross check the migration and adapt the plugins.
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase ttnewspluginmigrate:run
# Replace tt_news plugins directly without creating copies.
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase ttnewspluginmigrate:replace
# Hide the old tt_news plugins.
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase ttnewspluginmigrate:removeOldPlugins

# Deletes the old tt_news plugins.
./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase ttnewspluginmigrate:removeOldPlugins delete=1

Known issues

see FAQ Section in Documentation/Misc/Index.rst

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