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List previous character names and backgrounds from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
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A utility for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup that displays backgrounds grouped by character name.


crawlers is written in Go, and requires compilation. Running go get on a system with a Go 1 installation should produce a crawlers binary, probably in $GOROOT/bin

Running crawlers

crawlers without arguments lists each background combination by character name. Passing the -i option will invert grouping--instead displaying character names by associated background.

Non-option arguments are taken to be character names to limit output to: crawlers Charlie Joe will only display the backgrounds of characters that were named either Charlie or Joe.

While output is primarily intended for human consumption, it should also be valid YAML.

Platform/Version Restrictions

crawlers is only confirmed to work with the Linux port of crawl. It specifically looks in ~/.crawl/morgue. Any crawl distribution that stores morgue character files in that path ought to work. Character files produced between crawl versions 0.7 and the current 0.10.x are confirmed to work.

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