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External Secrets

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External Secrets Operator is a Kubernetes operator that integrates external secret management systems like AWS Secrets Manager, HashiCorp Vault, Google Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, IBM Cloud Secrets Manager, Akeyless, CyberArk Conjur, Pulumi ESC and many more. The operator reads information from external APIs and automatically injects the values into a Kubernetes Secret.

Multiple people and organizations are joining efforts to create a single External Secrets solution based on existing projects. If you are curious about the origins of this project, check out this issue and this PR.


External Secrets Operator guides and reference documentation is available at Also see our stability and support policy.


We welcome and encourage contributions to this project! Please read the Developer and Contribution process guides. Also make sure to check the Code of Conduct and adhere to its guidelines.


Please consider sponsoring this project, there are many ways you can help us with: engineering time, providing infrastructure, donating money, etc. We are open to cooperations, feel free to approach as and we discuss how this could look like. We can keep your contribution anonymized if that's required (depending on the type of contribution), and anonymous donations are possible inside Opencollective.

Bi-weekly Development Meeting

We host our development meeting every odd wednesday on Jitsi. We run the meeting with alternating times 8:00 PM Berlin Time and 1:00 PM Berlin Time, we'll announce the time in our Kubernetes Slack channel. Meeting notes are recorded on hackmd.

Anyone is welcome to join. Feel free to ask questions, request feedback, raise awareness for an issue, or just say hi. ;)


Please report vulnerabilities by email to Also see our file for details.

software bill of materials

We attach SBOM and provenance file to our GitHub release. Also, they are attached to container images.


Please create a PR and add your company or project to our file if you are using our project!


You can find the roadmap in our documentation:

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